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Why Startups Do Better With The Help Of Influencers?

Unless you already have a big stash of funds, it can be hard being a startup. You need to market yourself well to bring in the revenue, but you need the revenue to market yourself effectively. Luckily we live in a day and age that creates several loopholes in this seemingly catch-22 situation.

A relatively new and inexpensive form of marketing has emerged thanks to social media, and that is influencer marketing. These individuals known as influencers help to bridge the gap between a brand and its customers giving startups the exposure they need.

Who or what are Influencers?

Influencers are everyday people who have perfected the art of social media reach. By virtue of some trait, they have succeeded in amassing a large following on their various social media platforms. The appeal of influencers lies in the fact is that they are just like you and me in most respects and are therefore more relatable. Unlike celebrities who appear to exist on a different plane, influencers are just one of us with a bit more sass and knowledge.

The approachability, human element and in many cases a sense of humor make influencers stand out against the crowd and make people want to listen to them.

How can Influencers help your startup?

Influencers already have a large following, when you request an influencer to endorse your brand you are already getting wide exposure without having to spend a great deal on advertising.

You could tie up with an influencer to have them try out your products and then review them on their social media platforms. Your influencer tries out your products and then writes about the experience on their Instagram stories or twitter. The review doesn’t even have to be completely in your favor; a review that states a few areas of improvement is more realistic and believable.

Influencers can also answer questions about your product and provide much-needed information on your behalf.

When people see that a regular person just like them has tried something and liked it, they are more convinced to try it themselves. Influencer marketing can even work better than advertising which is taken with a pinch of salt because the claims seem and often are unrealistic.

Imagine an ad for a hair product that claims to stop hair fall, makes your hair thick, shiny and dandruff free; most people will pass it off as tall claims. But on the flipside, if you have someone actually try the product and then tell others about all the good qualities, things are more likely to work in your favor.

You could give your influencer a discount code which they can pass on to their fans who can buy the products by clicking on a link in their Instagram bio or blog.

How to optimize Influencer marketing for your startup

To optimize your influencer marketing campaign, it is crucial to identify your target audience and choose the right influencer for the job. A software engineer is hardly the best person to convince housewives about a new chemical free range of house cleaning products. On the other hand, a lady influencer who happens to be a homemaker would be more relatable.

Similarly, a mother with children is much more convincing about childcare products than a budding model. While the budding model would be great for you new all organic cosmetics brand or your handmade hats. Using Influencer marketing platforms like iFluenz can save you a lot of time finding the right influencers for your startup.

Influencers are the ones making the world go round these days, and they are a marketing strategy that should not be ignored.

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