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5 French food influencers to look out for in 2019

Ce n’est pas de la tarte (it’s not easy) to have a strong presence in the world of French cuisine. But with the right help, companies active in the Food & Beverage industry can easily make their mark on the culinary world.

French cuisine is one of the most loved in the world and countries across the globe host restaurants dedicated to this scrumptious fare. For restaurants, cafes and patisseries looking to be renowned in the French culinary world, it’s important they find the right points of contact.

Social media influencers and food bloggers are especially effective in helping companies, and chefs get in touch with their coveted target markets. These days, we have companies who specialize in influencer marketing and who can help you find the right French food influencers online.

The author of ‘Tarte Soleil’ and ‘Smoothie Bowls,’ Emilie has been in love with food since childhood. Her passion for French cooking is reflected in her stunning recipes and superb photography.

A consultant for restaurants and French food brands, Emilie helps companies promote their food across social media. She also does a bit of food photography to supplement her food blog Plus une miette dans l’assiette.

A feast for the eyes, French food blogger Stephanie’s Instagram account is drool-worthy. Based in Lyons and a huge supporter of healthy, home-cooked meals, Stephanie gives her followers multiple options for their daily meals on her website, Steph a Table.

An entrepreneur by heart, Stephanie has started a company Geek & Food, which offers consulting services to brands dealing with French food. In fact, she is such a renowned figure in the French culinary world, which every French food brand views for her attention.

Paris-based Clotilde Dusoulier keeps her cooking minimalistic and simple. Using ingredients available at home, Clotilde whips up delectable dishes that look mouth-watering.  From pasta to éclair, she makes available a treasure-trove of easy-to-cook French food to her followers.

Clotilde’s social media account and website Chocolate and Zucchini, are replete with her colorful creations. She is the ideal influencer for food brands who wish to make French cooking accessible to their customers.

Called the ‘The King of French Food Vlogging,’ Herve is one of the most sought-after influencers in the French culinary scene. His website Herve Cuisine offers cooking advice to cooks at all levels of experience.

His list of culinary conquests includes everything from simple onion soup to the challenging Coq Au Vin. He has global followership of 120,000 on Instagram and makes for the perfect influencer for brands who wish to launch themselves into the global French culinary arena.

Fashion, Food & France – these are the three things that Paris-based food blogger Tokyobanhbao absolutely loves. Her blog by the same name captures her love for food with stunning pictures and delightful little diary entries about shopping for and cooking healthy and satisfying meals.

Tokyobanhbao also works with multiple grocery and food brands and regularly posts for them on social media.


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