The Most Creative Instagram Accounts

As the most effective marketplace, influencer marketing is going from strength to strength. Poised to be the preferred marketing strategy in the coming years, this digital marketing strategy gives better ROI than any other form of traditional marketing. In fact, studies show influencer marketing yields eleven times more ROI than other media including TV, print and digital advertising.

Instagram is the leader in influencer marketing

Not surprisingly, most marketers are currently spending between $25,000 to $100,000 with a majority planning on increasing their influencer marketing budget in the coming years.

Although many social media platforms can be leveraged, Instagram is the leader when it comes to influencer marketing. A clear favorite with influencers, Millenials and brands alike, Instagram is the preferred platform for 92 percent of marketers according to a Linqia study for influencer marketing. In 2018, according to another study, 87.1 percent of influencers also chose Instagram over other platforms.

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Seven most creative Instagram accounts

According to 2018 Statista figures, more than a billion active users are on Instagram every month.  Some of these accounts being creative and inspirational stand out from the rest.

Here are some of the most creative Instagram accounts that can inspire you to take up a hobby, live life fully or just dream away!

  • @humansofny: A beautiful example of photojournalism, this Humans of New York account takes readers through heartbreaking, captivating and uplifting journeys of people on NYC streets. Writer and photographer Brandon Stanton is the creator of this quaint and quirky account that gives readers a peek into the hidden lives of hundreds of individuals.
  • @beautifuldestinations: Who would not want to read about exciting and exotic destinations across the world?@beautifuldestinations brings readers new travel destinations through the everyday posts. Even if you are not planning a vacation to any of these places, you can definitely take a virtual vacation just by reading these dreamy posts.
  • @anamarques210376: Sometimes, less is more! One of the most creative and minimalist accounts on Instagram, @anamarques210376 is a visual treat replete with pastel seascapes. Created by Ana Marques, the serenely stunning scenes speak a thousand words without using bold or loud texts. Among the most pleasing collections are the summer colors – a captivating shot where the pink sky merges with the pristine blue of the sea or the haunting “let’s dream” depicting the beach in all its glory.
  • @Abeautifulmess: This creative Instagram account is also a blog by homebodies and two sisters featuring beautiful DIY ideas.  From homemade bagels to upholstering the bed, weaving tutorials to craft ideas, this is the place to be for getting inspired or just to take in some useful tips.
  • @idafrosk: There are plenty of food-related Instagram accounts out there, and it is definitely a challenge to pick the most creative of them all. Created by Norwegian food artist Ida Skivenes, @idafrosk combines the best of art and food.
  • @leoleoparis: One great way to be truly different and unique in this colorful melee is to embrace black and white! Hannibal Renberg has created a quaint Instagram account that is all about showing Paris in black and white, capturing the timelessness of the beautiful city.
  • @facesdeumreflexo: Maximizing effects of puzzle feed, @facesdeumreflexo succeeds in stunning the readers with breathtaking visuals on makeup. The canvas is the Instagram account creator’s face which she uses to showcase her creativity and passion for storytelling and makeup.

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