Instagram Influencers: Who Gets Paid the Most

Investing in Instagram influencer marketing is fun. With so many wonderful people to work with, there’s never a dearth of choices for brands. But when it comes to the kings and queens of Instagram, we’ve got to be a little careful. They are ridiculously expensive after all.

How expensive you ask? Well, take a look.

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The 10 Most Expensive Influencers You’ll Find On Instagram

1- Kendall Jenner

With each post costing a grand $500,000, America’s resident supermodel Kendall Jenner starts at the bottom of our Top 10 list. With 95 million followers on Instagram, Kendall brings with her a massive social capital. This plus her work as one of the world’s biggest models, has made her quite famous amongst fashion and beauty circles.

2- Lionel Messi

Football’s darling Lionel Messi stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Kendall Jenner, charging $500,000 for each post on Instagram. His 97 million followers are die-hard loyalists and have shown a record of purchasing any brand that the soccer superstar advocates.

3- Neymar

The next influencer a rung up the ladder from Messi is another football favorite…correction, legend. Sportswear brands wanting to reach Neymar’s 101 million Instagram followers need to shell out a hefty sum of $600,000 per post. But it’s totally worth it if what you’re looking for is a diehard following that swears by Neymar’s every word.

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4- Justin Bieber

Things have gone very well for JB in these 10 years. He’s transformed from the cute boy-next-door to a hottie overnight, and his voice had become more magical than it in 2008. Two other things that have gone up for Justin are his social capital and his prices. This singer-songwriter charges a heavy $650,000 for a single post to his 102 million followers.

5- Dwayne Johnson

It was a great day for everywhen when The Rock decided to semi-retire from professional wrestling and enter the world of cinema. For fitness and fashion brands, it meant access to a superstar (and his 114 million followers). But if you want to enlist  Dwayne Johnson for your social media campaign, you’ll need to be prepared to sign a cheque for $650,000.

6- Beyoncé Knowles

Queen B has captured the hearts of millions for years, and it stands to reason that she be chosen as the influencer for your brand. From fashion to sports to music, there’s no industry that can do without her. To step into her world of 117 million strong followers, brands will need to make a payment of $700,000.

7- Kim Kardashian West

Kanye’s better half and America’s most renowned reality series star Kim Kardashian West makes the next big influencer on our list. Costing $720,000, each of her posts reaches a whopping 116 million likes, many of whom have been with her from Day 1. So you can be sure they’ll do everything she says.

8- Cristiano Ronaldo

The third most expensive Instagram influencer again comes from a sporting background. Cristiano Ronaldo has always been every woman’s dream man, and now he is every brand’s dream influencer too (140 million followers!). To have him sign onto your campaign, you’ll need to deposit a cheque worth $750,000 for each post.

9- Selena Gomez

Everybody’s darling Selena Gomez is the second most expensive influencer in the world. The singer-songwriter is most renowned for her amazing fashion sense and her highly-approachable aura. Selena surprisingly has the highest number of followers on our list at 142 million, yet charges only $800,000 per Instagram post.

10- Kylie Jenner

At the top of our most famous, most glamorous and most expensive Instagram influencers is the youngest Jenner sister and owner of Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner. Although her social capital points north of 114 million followers, Kylie is one of the biggest faces in the global fashion space and having her advocate your brand will propel you to stratospheric heights. The cost of this plane ride? A whopping $1 million per post!

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