Why Recurring Influencer Marketing Campaigns Perform Better?

Studies show that 30% of all customer groups are more willing to purchase a product that’s been endorsed by a non-celebrity blogger or endorser.

Influencer marketing is highly effective, and brands need to sit up and create avenues to collaborate with influencers to promote their product/service on social media. However, a one-time collaboration is hardly ever beneficial.

Many influencers constantly promote multiple brands one after the other (or simultaneously in some cases), and audiences may miss your product if your campaign with the influencer is a short, one-time event. This can result in you wasting valuable finances, without generating a bit of revenue, market share or brand visibility.

5 reasons why recurring influencer marketing campaigns are actually good for your brand

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Having a recurring campaign model in operation is extremely essential to reach out to and connect with your target customers. Here are some reasons why:



1- Recurring campaigns ensure you never run out of influencer backing

When you work on a recurring campaign model, you are never left without the support of an influencer. This means you’ll have the services of the influencer for a longer time and will, therefore, have greater access to your target market for a longer period of time.

Influencer marketing companies like ifluenz offer recurring subscriptions where brands can select the influencer they want and set up a long-term agreement that automatically renews for a pre-set number of times. These companies have extensive experience working with influencers from multiple industries and can help you manage your campaign end-to-end.



2- They remind audiences of your previous marketing campaigns

Whether or not they produce similar posts, your chosen influencers will have a particular style of writing, which will help jog the audiences’ memories about the previous posts they had published about your products. This will help highlight older campaigns which your audience might have loved before.



3- They help reinforce the same message across platforms

Supposing you use only Instagram for your influencer marketing campaign for the first time. You will be able to attract customers who have Instagram accounts. This can keep you away from the remaining valuable customers who are on other social media channels. 

In a flexible recurring campaign, you have the option of using these other social media channels, which can help you integrate your communication across platforms and send across the same message to a variety of target groups.



4- They help merge your marketing efforts across time zones

Most influencers sign agreements to work for a single time zone. But, for your product to get true global recognition, it’s important to advertise it in various global markets.

One of the biggest advantages of a recurring influencer marketing campaign is how it can be adapted to communicate with audiences from different time zones. Now your influencer can spend equal time focusing on all your global markets. Oftentimes, a customer may see the message across time zones, and this may reinforce the brand’s value in their mind, encouraging them to make a purchase.



5- They help create a positive perception about your offering

Imagine you are a consumer following an influencer on Instagram. You see her posting about a product for an entire month, extolling its values. But then, the month’s up, and there’s radio silence about the product. Wouldn’t you wonder why this happened? Wouldn’t you question the validity of the influencer’s claims?

A recurring campaign ensures audiences are given a consistent and reliable message about the brand long enough to affect website visits and conversions. These repeat campaigns amplify the effects of the original campaign and ensure audiences are not left with any doubts or concerns about your product.


  • 5 tips to set up recurring influencer marketing campaigns
  1. Choose an experienced and qualified influencer marketing agency to work with
  2. Select a flexible plan which can be adapted as your business grows
  3. Repost a variety of posts and never stick to just one format
  4. Ask influencers to delete posts that aren’t working
  5. Schedule, monitor and revise as necessary


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