The Most Effective Influencer Marketing Strategies

Did you know that 61% of customers actively rely on information from influencers and brand advocates before making a purchase decision? Influencer marketing is one of the biggest sources of website visits, and conversions and 67% of marketers feel they’ve received most of their business by collaborating with influencers.

5 key influencer marketing strategies every brand must follow

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When it comes to influencer marketing, it’s important to remember that strategy is everything. Without the right strategy in place, you may end up making decisions that are wrong for your brand and its success:


1. Choosing influencers who are on the same wavelength as you are

The first and most important strategy is the crux of your entire influencer marketing campaign. Choosing an influencer whose style, interests and beliefs don’t match your own will be highly counter-productive to your efforts.
This is why you need to exercise caution and choose an influencer who you know shares your passion and who will be on the same wavelength as you. It’s here that influencer marketing companies like ifluenz help. They’ll understand your requirements and choose the best-matching creators for you.

2. Including games and giveaways in your campaign posts

How long would your audience be content with product reviews and behind-the-scenes photos? A week? A month? Variety is the spice that flavors influencer marketing campaigns, and there’s nothing better than games and giveaways to really get audience interest flowing. Ask your influencers to implement games they like and give away your products as the reward for winners. This way you encourage participants to try your products and get them interested in you.

3. Implementing social media takeovers

A social media takeover is when you give your influencer complete control over your company account online and give them the freedom to post what they like and when they like it. Take the example of Wooly’s, an event space in Des Moines, Iowa. To market their space rental service, they allowed band The Maytags complete control over their Instagram feed for the day. The band actively posted about their upcoming performances, their pop-up show details and a host of other quirky behind-the-scenes sessions on behalf of Wooly’s. The result, a very high turnout at Wooly’s for The Maytags’ show. This technique is perfect when both the brand and the influencer can mutually benefit from the other.

4. Having non-primary influencers guest post for you

Your primary influencer is one who you regularly work with and who interacts with your audience on a daily basis. While they obviously add immense value to your social media campaign, their posts might get repetitive for some audience members. It’s important to add something new and different in your campaign content to ensure you don’t lose your hard-earned audience. This is where guest posts by other influencers help. Tapping into your influencers’ network and asking other renowned people to write or post for you is a great way to engage audiences while adding versatility to your content stream.

5. Setting into motion company vs. influencer challenges

Although you and your influencer are on the same side, it’s highly visually engaging to see a ‘post-off’ between the two online. Audiences love seeing mini-battles between celebrities and/or brands, and this is something you can take advantage of for your influencer marketing campaign. Instead of having your influencer directly promote your product, you could ask them to pit their favorite product against yours, try both and then see which works better. Another way to go would be for the two of you to indulge in funny banter online, which will bring focus to your brand. You could also do what clothing brand prAna did and challenge your influencers to don the same pair of pants 7 days in a row, without a wash. Now see how many website visits you get after that one.

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