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6 Tips For An Influencer On How To Write Attractive Posts On Instagram

Being an influencer on Instagram can be quite profitable, but it can also be difficult to maintain if you aren’t used to creating content for social media. Hence, here are the six tips for an influencer on how to write attractive posts on Instagram.

#1 Create Drafts and Outlines

First of all, you need to create drafts and outlines for your posts. If you don’t plan beforehand the way you want your captions to look, you can’t expect to write a well-structured caption that will catch the attention of Instagram users. Moreover, drafts and outlines will help you structure your posts better which will allow you to improve the readability of your captions. Here are some tips for writing drafts and outlines:

  • Start with the topic. What do you want to talk about? If you already have visuals for the post, how do you tie the topic to the visuals?
  • Then, break it down. What aspects of the topic do you want to cover? In what order do you have to talk about them to make it logical?
  • Finally, organize it. If there are any more sub-topics or points that you’d like to cover, add them to the outline.
  • Bonus: write the first draft. You can then rewrite the draft once you decide to post.

#2 Provide Irreplaceable Value

The second thing you should do to perfect your Instagram captions is to make sure to provide irreplaceable value in everything you post. Being informative is essential for your captions to be useful to your audience. But the only way you can stand out of the crowd and attract the necessary attention to your content and your profile is by being original and unique. There’s too much oversaturation which is why people value authenticity a lot.

As Gabriel Collins from the writing service reviews site Best Writers Online says, “Authenticity is hard to find nowadays which is why accounts posting unique content are the ones getting the followers. You need to find an original approach to a topic that is discussed by many other influencers just like you. By finding that special something, you will be able to create unique and original content.”

#3 Tell Stories Using Your Brand Voice

Branding and storytelling go hand in hand which is why telling stories using your brand voice can really help you stand out. Being an influencer, you might or might not own a business, but having a brand doesn’t depend on that. On the contrary, you will have to create a brand around yourself. The way you talk and the way your personality is will help you develop that brand voice to sound more relatable and human to your audience.

Once you develop that brand voice, you will need to start working with stories. These could be your own stories – or you could be telling someone else’s story to prove a point. For example, you can use Ifluenz to connect with brands to promote. While negotiating with them, you will be able to discuss how they want you to promote their business and whether they could provide you with a customer success story to help you with the promotional post.

#4 Consider Emojis and Special Fonts

Emojis and special fonts might not be suitable for everyone, but most Instagram users add them to their captions to improve the appeal of the plain texts. Besides, using emojis and special fonts can help you spice up your brand voice. The downside is that you might start overusing them. Another issue could be that not all emojis and special fonts can be viewed from any device, so part of your audience might be able to see what you wrote.

As Josephine Eastwood from the custom writing reviews site Online Writers Rating puts it, “Emojis and special fonts are a great way to make your captions stand out. Of course, all the images and videos you post will attract the attention of your audience first. But adding some colorful elements to your captions will make them less plain.”

#5 Include CTAs and Questions

Though some influencers might forget about them, CTAs or calls to action are crucial for the success of your content. They are meant to encourage your audience to perform particular actions such as leaving comments, like the post, following your account, sharing the post on their Stories or with their friends, and so on. Without CTAs, your posts will be getting not as much engagement as they potentially could.

In addition to that, you need to use questions in your captions. These will help you get more engagement in the form of comments. Moreover, they can also help you get more shares, particularly to Stories if you ask users to repost your content on their Stories and answer the questions there.

#6 Use Tags and Hashtags

Last but not least, using tags and hashtags is a must if you want your posts to succeed. They can help you get more exposure, start conversations or discussions, and so on. Here’s how to use both of them effectively:

  • Tags: Tags can be placed on the images or videos you post, or they can be placed in the captions and comments. If you want to identify someone in your visuals, make sure to place tags there. But if you want to directly address someone, place the tag in the caption and write whatever you’d like to say there. For example, you might want to engage in friendly banter with an influencer like yourself who is a friend of yours.
  • Hashtags: Hashtags, on the other hand, can only be placed in the caption or in the comments. But in a way, they might be even more important than tags. They will help you get more exposure and get new followers. Make sure to use different types of hashtags for diversity (i.e. general, industry, trending, and branded).

Final Thoughts

All in all, it’s possible to learn how to write captivating and engaging Instagram captions that will help you get more likes, comments, and shares. Use the tips in this article to start writing better Instagram captions as an influencer.


About the author:

Lucy Hatcher has an analytical mindset which helps her to be competitive in this business. She is an experienced writer with an excellent portfolio. Her work is always admitted by employers as best and efficient. Lucy highly prices professional ethics and got a very serious attitude to her job.

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