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How to Create a Successful Instagram Business Idea in 2020?

Instagram is not only a social networking platform but also a profitable niche with tons of business opportunities. You can use it as a source of side income or even make Instagram your primary business, but it definitely requires a fair share of preparations and strategic decision-making.


What are the most popular Instagram business ideas? Can you build a successful Instagram-focused career from scratch? Both questions are very interesting, so let’s check out the best Instagram business ideas and see how to make them work in the long run.


  1. Become an influencer

The first business idea is fairly obvious because so many Instagram users are trying to become influencers. Influencers build a large community of followers thanks to their content creation abilities. Influencers can publish all sorts of content – educational, entertaining, funny, etc. – and cooperate with brands targeting the same audience groups.


  1. Become a key opinion leader

The difference between an influencer and a key opinion leader (KOL) is that the latter becomes recognized as a creator of high-authority posts in a given niche. If you have enough skills, knowledge, and experience in one field of work, you should focus on it and attract niche-related brands that would like to work with you.


  1. Sell merchandise

Another option is to become a popular Instagram figure and then start selling brand-focused merchandise. Jake Gardner, a digital marketer at the dissertation help agency, says it’s a great way to earn money while popularizing the brand offline: “You can sell merchandise such as mugs, t-shirts, phone cases, hoodies, and many more.”


  1. Sell digital products

Selling digital products is even more convenient because it sets you free from administrative and shipping procedures. Instagram is a great channel to promote digital stuff such as eBooks, templates, themes, and all sorts of apps and tools. If you can find your way around any of these things, we recommend launching this type of Instagram business.


  1. Promote your graphic design expertise

As a visual platform, Instagram is by far the best tool to promote your graphic design skills and expertise. The idea is obvious – you can select the most representative works and publish them on your Instagram account, thus attracting users in need of a graphic design professional.


  1. Sell new Instagram accounts

Do you know that you can also sell new Instagram accounts? Although it sounds strange, networks like Fameswap and Viral Accounts actually purchase fresh Instagram profiles. But there is a catch here – you have to build a popular account with at least a few thousand followers in order to make it worth buying.


  1. Be a product or service reviewer

Some Instagram users are known to be expert product reviewers who concentrate on a single niche and analyze all brands working in a given field. For example, you can focus on a niche such as a college essay help and review different agencies. You would be surprised to realize there are so many cooperation opportunities in the product/service review niche.


  1. Start an affiliate marketing business

Affiliate marketers create content in which they directly or indirectly discuss a product or service. Every time someone clicks on a product link, affiliate marketers earn a commission. It’s a simple business strategy, but it works miraculously these days. For instance, Jason Stone made $7 million in affiliate marketing revenue in a single year.


  1. Showcase your photography

Are you a professional photographer? If the answer is positive, why wouldn’t you promote your work on Instagram? This image-oriented social network is perfect for photographers hoping to attract new clients. You can be an all-around player, but we suggest focusing on a single niche like:


  • Event photography
  • Product photography
  • Portraits
  • Stock images


  1. Be a travel ambassador

It’s hard to imagine a better career than this one. Being a travel ambassador and promoting all sorts of destinations through your Instagram accounts seems like a dream come true for most people. It does take time and budget to popularize your account, but it pays off as soon as you start making the first sponsor deals.


  1. Augment your real estate business on Instagram

Real estate agencies can take advantage of Instagram to promote their properties via Instagram. This trick has become particularly important in the age of coronavirus since most clients avoid directly visiting apartments and houses.


  1. Become an Instagram coach

The last Instagram business idea on our list is also a popular one because people are searching for all sorts of coaches these days. There are so many options you could try here, so it’s only up to you to pick the right one. We recommend the following:


  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Fitness coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Personal finance coaching


The Bottom Line

If you are using social networks for communication and entertainment only, you are missing the opportunity to make the business of it and earn money long-term. In this post, we showed you the simplest ways to create a successful Instagram business idea in 2020 and turn into a source of passive or even primary income. Do you think it could work for you?




John Peterson is a blogger at the essay writing service called My Assignment Writing. Besides being an assignment help expert, John is also writing posts about digital marketing, social media, and online advertising. He is a passionate traveler and a long-distance runner.

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